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Meet Our Studs

Below you will see most of the studs that are part of our program! We try our best to post all health testing results! If you see anyone your interested in studding please contact me I’m happy to share all testing results via email, or OFA website! We do Pennhips so most HIP results are not posted.PLEASE NOTE! Not all dogs listed on my website are physically on our property some are co owns and spread threw out the country.



Chocolate Fawn

Aero came to us recently in 2022 from a bad situation, he is such a sweetheart & has made a wonderful addition to our program. He is a Chocolate Fawn that carries for Blue & Tan Point. He is FULLY health tested to include OFA hips/PennHips, OFA Elbows , OFA patella’s and heart. He is open for Stud and currently located in Warrensburg MO BUT will be coming for Florida soon.


Ballistic Danes Ruger Go Wild

Blue Brindle Mantle 

Ruger is home born and raised out of Simba and Chevy. He is a handsome fella and has grown into a wonderful dog. His health testing is almost complete with OFA Hips & PennHip, OFA Cardio and Patella’s and embark. He Carrie’s Chocolate & Piebald. Ruger is a co-owned male however he resides in Warrensburg MO still with my adopted mother :-) He is opened to approved bitches. Message me for more info.


Ballistic Danes Atlas Ascending


Atlas is Home born and raised! Boy is he gorgeous. He is a Fawnequin that Carrie’s Blue, Chocolate, Tan Point and Pie. He is also Bi-eyed. He has gotten his PennHip and OFA Heart and Patella’s. He got a .27 on his hips. This fella has so much potential and has produced us some beautiful litters so far. He is so goofy and adores people. Open for stud to approved bitches and located in Florida with me.


Ruger Von Roman of Ballistic Danes

Brindle Point

This handsome fella was born here out of Bella and Odin. He is a Brindle Point that Carrie’s Blue and Piebald. He just got all his health testing done 09/15/2023 so his test results are pending. Pending he passes everything he will now be available for stud. Located in Florida


Ballistic Danes Rooster Of SFGD'S

Lilac Merle Tan Point

This hot new coming stud is absolutely a looker! ALL health testing done PennHip, OFA Thyroid, OFA Heart, and OFA Eyes. This boy just proved himself for the first time last month. We are so excited to have him be a part of our program. Available for stud Live Cover and AI. Located in Florida


Ballistic Danes Maverick of SFGD's

Lilac Fawn Piebald

Maverick is a beautiful Lilac Fawn Piebald that just hit a year old. He is absolutly stunning and will start his health testing soon. He carries Tan Point and has been Embark tested.
Photos coming soon.


Ballistic Danes Viper on the Trigger

Lilac Brindle

Viper is a Handsome Lilac Brindle male that is our producing from Carina and Aero. Viper has had his OFA Eyes done already and I can't wait to see how he grows out.


BeachSides Goose of Ballistic Danes

Brindle Point Mantle

Goose was a Stud Service pick and i couldnt be happier to have him. Gooses Father is Atlas and his mother is a Reverse Blue Brindle Point. Very happy to be able to watch this fella grow up to his full potential and start health testing.

Meet Our Studs: Meet the Team
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